Facts & Prevention

Our objective at Designated Driver USA Foundation (DDUSA) is to indoctrinate proper planning safe and alternative ways to avoid impaired driving. At the current rate, one in three Americans will be involved in an impaired driving accident in their lifetime, with statistics only growing. As becoming impaired is happening more and more, there is a higher chance of someone getting behind the wheel. DDUSA does not condone impaired driving, but is committed to the education of alternative transportation when needed.

The Big Problem starts by getting behind the wheel. According to the CDC, in 2013, 31% of all traffic deaths were impaired driving related. That was 10,076 people killed. Of that 31%, 200 were children under the age of 14, and half of those children were in the car with an impaired driver. These statistics only show the fatalities. There are thousands of adults an children with permanent injuries due to impaired driving. Those rates have only gone up since then, and many people have had to live with the repercussions and guilt that could have been avoided by impaired drivers having an alternative way to their destination.

If that did’t deter you, maybe this will. The average cost of legal representation can range from $2500 to $25,000, maybe even higher depending on the charges. Did you know party hosts should be aware that they are also liable charges, if their guests are involved in an accident after leaving their event. Billions of dollars are spent by Impaired Drivers every year on legal representation alone. Having said that, can you imagine what the fines/jail time were?

Awareness and proper planning are the key to saving lives. DDUSA is here not only to educate you on the dangers of impaired driving, but to inform you of alternatives and give you the resources, so you can get where you are going safely.