Committed to Giving Drivers a Sober Way Home

Securing designated drivers is one responsible way to avoid the catastrophic effects caused by a DUI. At Designated Driver USA Foundation, we hope to teach you that with proper planning, no one has to suffer a loss from an impaired driver again.

The Safest Ride

Having a great and safe night out starts with the right planning. We provide you with resources so that you can still have an enjoyable evening without putting yourself and others in danger.

Our goal is to provide you with a list of transportation companies, hotels, towing services, and more in your area so you can plan ahead to get home safely.

Raising Awareness Starts Early

Impaired driving does not discriminate! DDUSA Foundation will promote “The Key Is To Plan Ahead” campaign to raise awareness of the effects and consequences that can arise from impaired driving. Our goal is to start to promote safe alternatives in high schools to make the future adults aware of how one bad decision can effect the rest of their life.

Making an Impact

As a growing organization, sponsors and donations are imperative to further promote our campaign, “The Key is to Plan Ahead.” We gratefully welcome any businesses or individuals willing to sponsor or donate in our quest to inform the public of safe alternative transportation vs. the consequences of impaired driving.

If you or your company would like to Sponsor or Donate please call:

1-844-DDUSA4U ( 1-844-338-7248 )

Help by Joining Our Team

If you or someone you know has been affected by an impaired driver, please share your story. Your story could help DDUSA show and prove the consequences that impaired driving caused.

DDUSA is also looking for volunteers to grow our Foundation proving that “The Key is to Plan Ahead.”